Week of September 21


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. This week is Start with Hello Week. On Wednesday we will be wearing green to celebrate it. The virtual book fair will also continue to take place this week. On Friday October 2 an email will go out for parent teacher conference sign ups.  On Tuesday third grade students will have their vision and hearing checked by our school nurse. Also on Tuesday those students who are choosing to run for student council will be giving their speeches. We will vote for student council after the speeches are given. In math this week we will continue our unit on addition, subtraction and rounding. For social studies students will be creating Flat Stanley’s that they will be mailing out as part of our communities unit. Students will be brining home a paper to be filled out on who they would like to send their Flat Stanley. In science students are continuing to learn about animal life cycles by observing their mealworms. During ELA students are continuing to learn how to write a five sentence paragraph. Students have also been creating story maps as their read different types of folktales for their folktale unit. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


Mr. Aurand