Week of September 14


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. This week will be the virtual book fair. Students will have the opportunity to purchase books online. A link for the book fair was emailed to families last week. Also this week is the virtual open house. I will be emailing out a link for it after school on Tuesday. On Thursday students will be taking their first math test of the school year. A study guide for it went home last week. We will spend the week reviewing for it. Our next unit will be on addition and subtraction along with estimation. In ELA students will begin word study this week. This week each student will have the same list of words. As the year progresses students will have their own individualized list to help them become better spellers. Also this week in ELA we will begin our folktale unit. Students will be learning about different types of folktales. Last week students began learning how to write a five sentence paragraph. They will continue to practice writing paragraphs this week. In Science students will continue to learn about animal life cycles. Last week we received meal worms to observe in the classroom. On Tuesday this week for Social Studies students will be taking their address quiz. Make sure your child is able to properly write their address. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Mr. Aurand