Week of August 31

Welcome to Third Grade!

I know there are many questions you may have about our classroom and what the year will be like. Hopefully all of your questions will be answered in the next few days (and weeks). Listed below are just a few important tips to get us started!
Due to the time of our lunch, we will be allowing students to bring in a piece of fruit or vegetable for snack time. Be sure to eat a healthy breakfast before coming to school each morning.
Students are encouraged to keep a water bottle on their desk to drink throughout the day since the school water fountains have been turned off and replaced by hydration stations that are used for refilling water bottles.
Students are encouraged to use the restroom before coming to school each morning. Each classroom has an assigned time to take a bathroom break in the morning and in the afternoon. Students will be unable to use the restroom outside of the class restroom break time unless it is an emergency. This is to prevent having to many students in the restrooms at one time.
Students should bring an extra face mask to school in case something were to happen to the one they wear to school.
Students will be receiving Chromebooks and chargers on the first day of school. The Chromebooks should be brought to school and back home each day. The chargers should be left at home so that the Chromebooks can be charged each night.
Students will have a spot to place their coats and backpacks this school year. They are to head to their desk when entering the classroom Monday morning. We will assign hooks to place their materials as a class after the announcements.
Students will be writing their homework assignments in their student planners each day. Please check and sign/initial your child’s planner each night. Students will also be receiving nightly reading logs this year. Students will bring home their work daily in their take home folders.
At the end of each week students will bring home Friday folders that will contain completed work and important information. The folders should come back to school on Monday. All completed work can stay home.
We have a class twitter account that I use to share what your child is doing at school. The twitter username is MrAurandTES.
I use an app/website called ClassDojo that allows an additional way for me to individually communicate with families. A parent letter will be going home to explain more about it next Friday.
I am so excited about our new school year! I can’t wait to see everyone on Monday morning.
Mr. Aurand