Week of February 24


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. We are only one week away from the international festival. At home students should be thinking about what artifacts they would like to bring in for the festival to put on display. They should also have begun working on their landmark from their country that they will put on display as well. On Monday of this week students will be given two blank map templates to fill in of their country. Students are to bring these maps on Wednesday. If students have not already done so they need to bring in poster board for the festival by this Thursday. Please see the festival calendar for any questions on due dates.

Last week in math the class began learning about fractions. We will continue to learn about them this week and the next. In ELA students are wrapping of the mystery genre unit this week by having their mystery test on Thursday. Please see the study guide that went home last week to help prepare for it. Also in ELA students began to learn how to reference sources in their writing. We will continue to practice this skill this week and throughout the rest of the school year. In science we will be starting our next unit on matter this week. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


Mr. Aurand