Week of February 3


I hope everyone had a nice Super Bowl weekend. This week in gym class on Wednesday and Friday if there is snow on the ground the students will be skiing. Please make sure to send students to school with snow pants along with a hat and gloves for skiing. If your child has not already done so please have them return their country selection form back to school on Tuesday. I will be giving out students their country for the festival on that day. While students begin researching their countries we will be continuing with our unit on map skills this week. Students should begin on their animal projects at home. Last week students researched three adaptions and the habitats of their animals for the animal project. Now at home students should be creating a new animal using one adaptation from each of the three animals they researched. Students will need to bring in a poster, model or other type of design to display this new animal. Students will need to have given the animal a name and be able to explain its adaptations. This project is due on February 13. In math this week we will be wrapping up our unit on division. Students will have a test on division next week and a study guide for it will be going home this week. In ELA this week students will begin learning about text features. We will use many non fiction texts to help learn these features. Students will be receiving a new spelling list this Monday. Their test over these words will be on February 13. Students will continue to be reading the mystery genre in class and writing multi-paragraph essays as well this week. As a reminder students should be reading twenty minutes each night and be filling out their reading logs as they read. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


Mr. Aurand