Week of January 27


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Before the winter break the third graders won the box top competition and as a reward this Friday will be hat day for third graders. Also on Friday our class will be starting cross country skiing during gym. Please make sure they bring snow pants and also other winter clothing for gym. On Tuesday students are required to have the names of the three animals they are doing  their animal research project on turned in. On Wednesday we will begin working on these projects in class. Also on Wednesday we will be going to the gymnasium to watch the second graders put on their musical performance in the afternoon.

During math this week we will continue to learn about division.There will be no math homework Tuesday night. For science we will be preparing for our test this Thursday along with beginning the animal project. During social studies students will continue to learn map skills and this Friday we will begin discussing the international festival. A paper about it will go home in the student’s Friday Folders. In ELA students have been writing multi-paragraph essays. After each essay students write I have been meeting with them to discuss how they can improve on their writing for the next time. We will continue to learn about the mystery genre during reading groups and our class read aloud. Also during ELA we our continuing to learn about main idea and supporting details. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.


Mr. Aurand