Week of November 25


This week is a short two day week. There will be no reading log or spelling list given out for students this week. Their only homework requirement will be to study for their science test on Tuesday. I do however encourage students to still read each night at home. Students will be playing a game of Kahoot in class on Monday to help prepare for the vocabulary on their science test. When we come back from the five day break we will begin learning about area/perimeter in math. We are currently learning about pioneers who came to the Auburn/Bainbridge area during social studies. We will also be taking a look at the pilgrims who came to this country. Several reading groups will be finishing up their historical fiction book this week. Once all groups have finished their books I will be putting together new guided reading groups. On Tuesday the school will be having a lock down drill. The drill will take place in the morning. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Mr. Aurand