Week of 10/21


I hope everyone had a nice extended weekend. This week students will be taking the fall AIR test in ELA. Students will be testing on Monday and Tuesday from about 9 until 11. Students will not be permitted in the classrooms after the test has started. If a child is late they will have to wait in the office until the testing has finished. Make sure your child gets a good nights rest the nights before and a healthy breakfast the morning of. There will be no math homework on Monday and Tuesday nights because of the test and I will not be giving out spelling words this week either because of it. If your child is absent the day of the test then they will be making it up on either Thursday or Friday depending on which day they missed. Students will be unable to make up the test next week. Our schedule those two days will be different so that they still are able to get their specials at a different time of the day. We will be doing a small amount of test preparation on Monday to help students feel confident taking the test on Tuesday.

In ELA this week students are continuing to read a historical fiction book in their reading groups. The entire class is also reading Sarah Plain and Tall to help us teach historical fiction and also work on reading skills. I will be giving a class spelling diagnostic to see where their needs are in learning how to properly spell words. Last week in science students began germinating beans to help learn about  a plants life cycle. This week we will see the second stage in a plants life cycle by observing the beans as they sprout. In social studies we spent a great deal of time discussion how weather and erosion helps shape the earth. This week we will be talking about different land forms on the earth. In math we will continue to learn about multiplication. I would like to remind families when sending in a snack for your child it is important that you send in a healthy approved snack and that you are only sending in one snack for your child. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


Mr. Aurand