Week of October 14


I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. This is the final week of the first grading period. Students will be off on Friday for a teacher work day. Report cards will be released the following Friday. On Tuesday this week students will be taking their addition/subtraction math test. We will be reviewing for the test on Monday and then we will begin our new unit on multiplication Wednesday. Last week during ELA we began our new unit on historical fiction. Students have been placed in new reading groups with a historical fiction book. Students will have their spelling test this Thursday over the words they received last week. With their ELA AIR test coming up we will began to do some practice for it in class. We will just be discussing what the test will look like so that students feel more comfortable taking it. In science we our starting our new unit on plant life cycles after finishing animal life cycles last week. For social studies we will continue our unit on natural resources. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


Mr. Aurand