Week of October 7


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. This week we do not have school on Wednesday. After lunch on Monday the students will have a pod talk to discuss this years school fund raiser. Students will be bringing home information about that. On Tuesday we will be going on our field trip to the Bissell House and Restland Cemetery in the morning. Make sure your child is here before we leave at 9:00 we will be returning shortly before 12:30 in time for recess. Also on Tuesday we will be taking the folktales test in the afternoon. Please be sure to to use the study guide to prepare for it. On Thursday students will be taking their science test on animal life cycles. Once again use the study guide to help prepare for it.

Last week during social studies students began our new unit on land forms and natural resources. This week in science students will begin their new unit on plant life cycles. We will be finishing up in math our unit on addition and subtraction. Look for a study guide to be coming home later in the week for a test next week. In ELA we will be starting our new genre on historical fiction. Students will be reading historical fiction books in their reading groups and as a class. Students have done a good job of learning how to write in paragraph form, so this week we will begin to learn how to add more detail to our paragraphs. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


Mr. Aurand