Week of September 23


I hope everyone is enjoying the first day of Fall. On Friday last week students took home their interim reports. If you have not already done so please sign and have your child return the teacher and school copy to me. This is Start with Hello week. Students will be learning all week long how they can make positive impacts on others. On Tuesday we will be wearing green and on Friday students are being asked to wear their favorite shirt to go along with Start with Hello week.

This week in Math we will be taking our rounding/estimation test on Thursday. Our next unit in math will be covering addition and subtraction. On Tuesday students will be taking their first social studies test covering communities and the compass rose. The next unit in social studies will be on land forms. In science last week students each received a caterpillar to observe as they go through their life cycle. Each students meal worm has now turned into a pupa, which is the third stage of its life cycle. In ELA this week all students will receive a new set of words to study for the next two weeks. Students will also receive a new reading log on Monday. Students have been learning about contraction words during class and now students will learn about possessive nouns this week. Students have learned about trickster tales and tall tales during our study on folktales but now this week we will be focusing on pourquoi folktales. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


Mr. Aurand