Week of September 9


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. On Thursday this week before school we will be having breakfast and books in the gymnasium. You and your child are welcome to come and purchase books from the book fair and enjoy breakfast. Students will also be going to the book fair during their library time if you are unable to make it to breakfast and books to purchase books.

In Math this week students will be getting back their test they took last week. We will also begin our new unit on Monday as well. Students will be focusing on rounding and estimating as we begin the new unit. On Thursday this week students need to have brought back in their Flat Stanley address forms. On Friday we will be filling out envelopes using the address that the students brought back in. Along with Flat Stanley during social studies this week we will begin to learn about about compasses and direction. On Friday of last week our mealworms showed up to school. During science students will be observing them to see the changes that occur during their life cycle. Lastly during ELA this week students will be told their current reading level. This will help them pick out books that are just right for them. As we have begun to learn how to write a paragraph in class students will be focusing on writing narrative paragraphs as we do writing during our writing workshop. Students will be receiving a new reading log and a new list of words to be studying at home on Monday. Also this week we will be continuing our study on folk tales along with nouns. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


Mr. Aurand