Week of August 26


I hope everyone had a nice weekend after our first full week of school. We have a lot going on this week. On Monday we will be having a fire drill in the morning. On Tuesday students will be practicing bus evacuation drills before they arrive at school. Also on Tuesday at 5:30 we will be having parent open house until 6:30. I hope I can see everyone there for it. This Friday and the following Monday there will be no school for the start of the Geauga county fair and Labor Day.

In ELA we began our new unit on Folktales. Students have begun to learn about what a folktale is and the different sub genres that fall under it.Last week we discussed how to write a paragraph in the proper format. I have begun assessing students to find their current reading level so that they can select books that are just right for them. This week students will begin taking home a list of words to practice their spelling at home. There will be a test over the words on Friday September 6. Last week during science we received ladybug larva to study in our class. We will be learning about their life cycle along with the life cycle of other animals during science. In Social Studies we have begun learning about communities. Students were to bring a copy of their address in and keep a copy at home to study it for a quiz we will be having next week. Lastly during math students began our first unit of the school year on place value. We will continue to learn about a numbers place value all week. Students should be able to write a number in different forms which are standard, expanded, model and written form. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


Mr. Aurand